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Robotic lawn mower


A robot mower from Zoef Robot is a help in the garden. Enjoy more free time because with our robot mowers you no longer have to worry about mowing the lawn!

Robotic lawn mower

If you are looking for an easy and efficient way to maintain your lawn, a robotic lawnmower is the perfect solution for you. These automated mowers are designed to mow your lawn without any effort on your part, while you can focus on other tasks in and around your home.

How does a robotic lawnmower work?

A robotic lawnmower works in a very simple way. By means of a program and perimeter wire, you determine which route your robotic lawnmower will take. The robotic lawnmower then starts mowing automatically and returns to the charging station when the battery is low. The result is a perfectly maintained lawn without any physical effort

But that's not all. Robotic mowers are also very environmentally friendly, as they run on a battery instead of petrol. They are also very quiet and cause no noise or air pollution. In addition, they are safe for children and pets, as they are equipped with sensors that stop the device if an obstacle is detected.

Best robotic lawnmower 2023

Be able to enjoy a garden with a freshly mowed lawn. Of course you want the best robotic lawnmower 2023 for that. You can find this at Zoef Robot. Our mowing robots make it possible, without even having to do anything. Zoef offers various models of robot mowers for a competitive price and with a high quality. Naturally, all models are equipped with many safety features, such as bumper sensors, lift sensors and an emergency button. Robot mower Betsie and Robot-mower Dirk have almost the same effect.


Comparing robotic lawnmowers

First of all, the size of the lawn is important. The robotic lawnmowers differ in the area they can mow. Betsie can mow a maximum area of ​​1400 m2 and Dirk can mow a maximum area of 600m2 mow.

When choosing a robot mower, there are some important factors to consider, such as the size of your lawn and the slopes. Some models are better suited to large lawns, while others perform better on slopes. Learn more about a robotic lawnmower choose or which robot mower is suitable for your garden? can be found on our advice page.

In short, if you are looking for an easy and efficient way to maintain your lawn, a robotic lawnmower is the perfect solution. They are environmentally friendly, safe and ensure a perfectly maintained lawn without any effort on your part. Consider a robotic lawnmower for your lawn and enjoy a beautifully maintained lawn without any effort on your part.

Smart robot mower with app

The robot mowers from the Zoef Robot range have WiFi and Bluetooth and are therefore easy to operate anywhere in the world with the accompanying app. In addition, the robots can easily be completely set up on the robot itself, using the LCD screen. This way you can set the day and time you want the robotic lawnmower to start working. You can also always see the status via the app, switch on the mowing robot  or receive a notification if something is wrong with the mower. This way you are always informed wherever you are. Learn more how a robotic lawnmower works or navigates, look here.

Why a robot mower?

Mowing your lawn is not always possible due to physical complaints or lack of time. The robot mowers from Zoef Robot are then a suitable solution. Both models are equipped with a PIN code protection against theft. It is also possible to set the desired working time yourself on the App or the LCD screen on the mower. As soon as the robotic lawnmower has completed its task, it will find its own way back to the charging station . Thanks to the automatic charging system, the robotic lawnmowers are always ready for use! Do you dread installing a robotic lawnmower? It's a piece of cake with the simple steps you here.

Maintenance robotic lawnmower

Would you like to enjoy your robotic lawnmower for a long time without any worries? Then proper maintenance is crucial. A mower robot is active during various weather conditions. Extra protection for Betsieen Dirk is therefore also possible in the form of a cover. It is also important to regularly inspect the underside of the mower. Remove the remaining grass and replace from time to time the blades . In addition, it is recommended to store the robotic lawnmower and its charger indoors during the winter months.

For extensive advice on the robot mowers from Zoef Robot, please refer to the next article.