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How does a pool vacuum cleaner work?

How a swimming pool robot works

A swimming pool robot is an autonomous system with internal suction, brushes and removable filters. It cleans the bottom and walls of the pool by sucking up dirt and filtering water. Although the movements seem random, the robot itself calculates the route and knows which areas still need to be cleaned. Stubborn dirt and grime may require manual brushing and additional cleaning chemicals. Discover more about how a swimming pool robot works on our advice page.


Various pool robots Zoef Robot

Discover the independent swimming pool robots from Zoef Robot. Choose the right robot based on your pool size. Inge for pools up to 100m², lightweight and easy to lift. Ada with 15m cable for pools up to 130m², 2 motors for easy use. Ranomi with 3 motors and 15m cable, cleans walls, suitable for swimming pools up to 130m². Enjoy cleaning options and control via the Bluetooth app. For customized advice, please contact us. Simple and efficient!


Using a pool robot

Most pool robots have pre-programmed programs. In 1-3 hours they clean the entire pool and stop automatically. Thanks to smart technology, the robot knows which areas still need to be cleaned. It removes superficial dirt such as sand and leaves, but not the algae. Pool chemicals are required for this. After cleaning, you can take the robot out of the water and clean the filter. Save time with a pool robot. Place it in the water and let it do the work. Easy and efficient!


Advantages and disadvantages

A swimming pool robot offers many advantages. It saves time and convenience, as the robot cleans the pool independently. Thorough cleaning of the bottom and edges ensures a clear pool. On the other hand, a swimming pool robot can be expensive to purchase. Although they remove surface dirt efficiently, they are not always effective against algae. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the internal filter are also necessary. Despite some disadvantages, the advantages usually outweigh the advantages, making a swimming pool robot a worthwhile investment for an effortless and clean swimming pool.



A swimming pool robot plans its own route and climbs up the wall if possible. Start the robot with a control panel at the pool. The cable connects the robot to the panel. Vacuumed up dirt is collected in the internal filter. Regular cleaning is important to prevent clogging. Check and clean the filter after each cycle. The filters are often easily accessible. Unplug them, empty them, rinse them and put them back in the robot. Keep the filter clean for optimal performance of the pool robot. Need extra filters or other accessories? View our products.