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Advice Robot vacuum cleaners

Do I still need a normal vacuum cleaner?

When choosing a robot vacuum cleaner, it is essential to consider your expectations and needs. More luxurious models better meet high expectations. Yet there are always places where a mopping robot cannot reach, such as stairs and furniture. You can use the handy robot vacuum cleaner Jannie for these tasks. It reaches difficult places and can also serve as a petty thief. When selecting a vacuum cleaner robot, consider its pet hair vacuuming needs, programming capabilities, navigation methods and app functionality. Discover the best robot vacuum cleaner here!

Robot vacuum cleaner


Differences between the Robot vacuum cleaners from Zoef Robot

Bep can sweep, vacuum and mop, with quiet operation and special focus on pet hair. Jannie4.0 can be controlled via app, Alexa and Google Assistant, and has a beautiful design with tempered glass. Jannie's main brush provides deep cleaning of carpet and carpeting. We also have the Jannie 4.0 2 in 1 robot vacuum cleaner can vacuum and mop the house at the same time. Arie (with extraction unit) brings many new functions to the robot vacuum cleaner world as a helping hand in the household. It can vacuum and mop at the same time, so you don't have to change anything in between. Arie also has a UV-C light on his bottom, so he also kills invisible bacteria while vacuuming and mopping. Just like Willem, Arie has a smart navigation system that also maps a space in the App. Willem has a slightly harder suction power than Arie and has a larger dust collection tray. Discover Arie, Willem, Bep and Jannie for an effortless cleaning experience.  

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Robot vacuum cleaners and pets

For effectively vacuuming pet hairs, robot vacuum cleaner Bep4.0 is the best choice. This special variant is equipped with a powerful motor that effortlessly removes pet hair. Unlike other models, Bep doesn't have a supportive hairbrush, so hairs don't get tangled. Add the optional mopping feature to remove paw prints as well. Choose the ultimate solution against pet hairs with robot vacuum cleaner Bep 4.0.


Types of floors

All robot vacuum cleaners are suitable for hard floors. We recommend Jannie for coarse tile floors because of the higher-placed side brushes that wear less quickly. Jannie performs best with her main brush on short-pile rugs or carpets. Please note: most models cannot drive over high thresholds or carpets (>1.5 cm), but Jannie has less difficulty with this. Discover via how do I choose a robot vacuum cleaner which robot vacuum cleaner is best for your floor and enjoy an effortless cleaning experience.


How does the robot vacuum cleaner navigate through your home?

Most robot vacuum cleaners have automated programs to clean the entire room, including along the baseboards and across the room. They maneuver effortlessly between chair legs, but can only reach accessible places. For effective suction, it is advisable to observe the robot the first time and adjust any cords or passages. For example, our best robot vacuum cleaners Arie and Willem have smart LIDAR navigation, so they can also display the map of the room in the App. Want to know more about how a robot vacuum cleaner works? Then take a look at How does a robot vacuum cleaner work

Best robot vacuum cleaner

Smart robot vacuum cleaners

Jannie is equipped with a user-friendly app for setting and monitoring the robot. She can also be linked to Alexa and Google Assistant. The app makes hIt's easy to set working hours. Moreover, you can control the robot via the app and check the battery status. Optimize your cleaning experience with Jannie's convenient app functionality. All our robot vacuum cleaners are usually equipped with an App. Very useful if you are not near the robot, for example. Our Arie and Willem have the most and many functions in the App, such as creating a map of the room where they have driven, so that you can set when and in which rooms the robot should start working. Learn more about different type of robot vacuum cleaners? Then click on the link.

Mopping robot 2023

Why a mopping robot from Zoef Robot?

Zoef Robot offers well-thought-out and high-quality robot vacuum cleaners on the market. They prevent falls with anti-fall sensors and the standard HEPA filters ensure clean air and reduced allergies. User-friendly and low-maintenance, with the push of a button and easy-to-clean dust containers. Discover different models with various functionalities and luxury. We are happy to help you make the right choice. Trust the quality of Zoef Robot and enjoy your free time. Contact us for questions and support or view our page about the Benefits of a robot vacuum cleaner.


Expectations about robot vacuum cleaners

A robot vacuum saves a lot of time and energy. For occasional use as a supplement to a regular vacuum cleaner, a basic model is sufficient. If you want to use the robot daily or control it remotely via your phone, you will need a more advanced model. However, keep in mind that a robot vacuum cleaner is mainly a supplement and does not take over all the cleaning work. You will still have to vacuum the steps and baseboards yourself. Discover the benefits of a robot vacuum cleaner and simplify your cleaning routine.


What should you pay attention to if you suffer from allergies?

Robot vacuum cleaners are ideal for people with allergies. At Zoef Robot, all models are equipped with a HEPA filter, which further purifies the air and prevents dust, viruses and bacteria. With daily or frequent automatic cleaning, the robot vacuum cleaner ensures a cleaner home. In addition, all models have a built-in mopping system or the option to add one, which removes even the smallest dust particles. Jannie offers the best mopping system and the largest water reservoir. For severe allergies, the UV-C Robot Saar highly recommended. We also have a robot vacuum cleaner with UV-C light that can kill bacteria and other dust mites. This is our new robot vacuum cleaner Arie. Improve your living environment with our allergy-friendly robot vacuum cleaners.



Regular maintenance is essential for a vacuum cleaning robot. Empty the dust container after every vacuum (unless you have a robot vacuum cleaner with an extraction unit), especially if you have pets. Clean the sensors with a damp cloth to maintain optimal performance. Clean and replace the filter regularly, especially the HEPA filters, to maintain suction power. Clean the brushes and replace them if necessary. Order all required parts easily online at Zoef Robot. Keep your robot vacuum cleaner in top condition!