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How does a robotic lawnmower work?

How does a robotic lawnmower work?

A robotic lawnmower is ideal. It ensures that you no longer have to mow the grass yourself. Sounds good! Although a mowing robot ensures that you no longer have to mow, you can still prepare its tasks. How can you do this and how does the robotic lawnmower work?


How does a robotic lawnmower navigate?

The robotic lawnmower mows your lawn independently. It can mow in a certain area that you cordon off with boundary wire. The robotic lawnmower knows through the boundary wire where it can go through signals it receives and that's how it stays between the lines. There are also cliff sensors. These sensors ensure that the robotic lawnmower does not drive over a lower piece of ground. The mower also has a collision sensor that detects objects and also avoids them. There are even more sensors that make the robot mowers Dirk and Betsie so special.


How do you demarcate your terrain?

Start at the charging station and lay the boundary wire around the edge of your property. Check out the manual and the included ruler to determine the distance to the edge of your lawn. Also mark out obstacles. For example, think of swimming pools or other objects. Clamp the boundary wire with the appropriate Boundary Wire Pins. Before scarifying your lawn, it is better to dig the wire into the ground to a maximum of 20 centimeters. Finally, connect the ends of the boundary wires to the charging station.


How do you install the robotic lawnmower?

How do I install a robotic lawnmowerBefore the robotic lawnmower can get started, it must first be charged at the charging station and once that is done you can install the mower. This job can take quite a bit of time, but once the installation has been arranged, your robotic lawnmower is virtually unworkable.


How do you program the robotic lawnmower?

Programming robot mowerNow that you have completed the preparation, all that remains is to program the robotic lawnmower. It is usually useful to place your robotic lawnmower fully charged in the charging station, after which you can set the mowing program. This can be done in the App. With the accompanying App you can, for example, set a mowing schedule and even more!


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