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Swimming pool robots


Swimming pool robots

Do you have a swimming pool in the garden and would you like more time to enjoy it? Then a swimming pool robot is the ideal solution. A swimming pool robot safely cleans your swimming pool completely independently and takes this time-consuming job off your hands.

How does a swimming pool robot work?

Zoef Robot's swimming pool robots are very easy to use. When purchasing a swimming pool robot, you can opt for a robot with a cable and a wireless robot with a built-in battery. A wireless swimming pool robot has the advantage that it can move through the water as freely as in a fish, on the other hand, it is important to fully charge the battery first, this takes 4 to 5 hours. A swimming pool robot with cable can start immediately after you have connected it to the mains.

Once the pool cleaner is turned on, slowly lower it into the water. Then you move the robot back and forth to fill it with water. When the pool robot is filled with water, it will automatically lower down and start cleaning your pool. Our pool robots have several brushes with which they can scrub the bottom and pool edges clean. The pool robots have filter trays to collect the dirty water, clean it and then inject it back into the pool. Thanks to the built-in gyroscope, a swimming pool robot can see for itself in which areas it has already been cleaned, and no areas are skipped. After the robot has finished cleaning your pool, you can easily lift it out of the water by the handles.

Different Swimming Pool Robots Zoef Robot

In the Zoef Robot range we offer various swimming-pool robots that can all clean your swimming pool completely independently. Which robot is the right choice for you depends, among other things, on the size of your swimming pool. For example, swimming-pool robot Inge is suitable for cleaning swimming pools with a maximum bottom surface of 100m². This robot is light in weight, making it very easy to lift it out of the water. You can also opt for the wired swimming-pool robot Ada. This has a cable of 15 meters and is suitable for swimming pools with a maximum bottom surface of no less than 130m². Ada has 2 motors and is also easy to use. We also have a very good swimming pool robot Ranomi for you! This pool robot has no fewer than 3 motors and, just like Ada, has a 15-meter cable and is suitable for a pool surface of up to 130m². Just like Ada, Ranomi also cleans the walls of your swimming pool. Swimming pool robot Ranomi has various cleaning options and is also easy to use using the App on bluetooth!

Do you want a neat lawn in your garden in addition to a clean swimming pool? For this you will find various handy robotmowers at Zoef Robot to take this job off your hands, you can choose from robot mowers with and without app control. Questions about our robots? Please contact and we can advise you on which robot is most suitable for your situation.