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- Zomer Actie -

Great discounts on various robots!

Zoef Robot is the robot brand for domestic-use robots.

As a Dutch brand and specialist in robots, we always strive for the highest quality at an affordable price. Our robot vacuum cleaners Sien, Bep and Sjaan are very suitable for animal hair because of their powerful suction engines. Robotic vacuum cleaner Jannie is very suitable for carpets and has an APP. In addition to an APP, Sjaan also has a navigation system that allows her to go through the room efficiently and map everything out. 

The Zoef Robot mowers excel in user-friendliness. Both Harm and Berta can easily be set once to the desired number of square meters, after which they both work every 48 hours. Bert is suitable for lawns up to 600m2 and Harm up to lawns of 1500m2.

Both robotic mowers are easy to install. Our Dutch instruction and videos will help you with this.

Have the windows cleaned automatically? It's quick and easy with our Bobbie 2.0.

You put Bobbie 2.0 on the window and the Robot window washer will completely clean the windows.

A nice pool in the garden is great but cleaning it not the fun part of having a pool. Our pool robots are an ideal help.

Did you know that viruses and bacteria are easy to kill with UVC light? Our UVC robot Saar frees surfaces of viruses from bacteria. Saar is made to kill house mites in beds and sofas, but can also manually release telephones, keyboards and other surfaces bacteria and virus!