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Advantages of a vacuum cleaning robot

When you are not at home

One of the biggest advantages of a robot vacuum cleaner is that you can have your house vacuumed automatically while you are away. Although you have to clean up the house beforehand, you can safely leave afterwards. When you return home, a clean floor awaits you. It's even better when you choose a robot vacuum cleaner with a programming function. This allows you to set a cleaning schedule for the next 8 days, for example. This way you can enjoy a vacuumed house every day. Of course it is useful to know how your robot vacuum works, so we recommend the page How does a robot-vacuum-cleaner work? on.

Vacuum less

Although a vacuum cleaning robot is a useful addition, it does not completely replace the regular vacuum cleaner. Basic models in particular are used in combination with manual vacuuming. You can skip vacuuming yourself more often, but it is still necessary to vacuum crevices, baseboards and the stairs themselves. With a robot vacuum cleaner, however, you take most of the vacuuming off your hands, so you don't have to use the traditional vacuum cleaner as often. We still recommend our page Advice about robot-vacuum-cleaners for all necessary information.

Under furniture

Dust often collects under your couch or bed. A robot vacuum cleaner can easily reach that. All our robot vacuum cleaners have a flat design, so they can also clean under your furniture. Please note the height of the mopping robot, as it can vary. Our vacuum robots have heights of 7.5 cm, 7.6 cm and 10 cm. Therefore, make sure that you pay attention to the height that is suitable for your furniture when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner. Or view our page about our Different types of robot vacuum cleaners.


As a pet owner you are familiar with the constant battle against flying pet hair. Regular vacuuming is unavoidable. If you want to perform this task yourself less often, a robot vacuum cleaner is a great option. However, before you purchase the first best vacuum cleaning robot, it is important to know what it must meet to effectively vacuum up pet hair. So take a look at our page How do I choose a robot vacuum cleaner?