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How do I choose a robot vacuum cleaner?

What do you expect from a robot vacuum cleaner?

Looking for a vacuum cleaning robot? A basic model is sufficient to supplement your regular vacuum cleaner. However, do you want to use the robot on a daily basis or control it via your phone? Then choose a more advanced model. Keep in mind that a robot vacuum cleaner does not take over all the work. Unfortunately, you still have to vacuum the steps and baseboards yourself. Discover the best robot vacuum cleaner for your needs.

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Type of floor

Looking for a robot vacuum cleaner? Most models are suitable for hard and smooth floors, but deep pile carpets or rugs can be a challenge. Jannie is especially ideal for coarse tile floors, thanks to its higher-placed side brushes that wear out less quickly. Jannie performs best with her powerful main brush on short-pile carpets. Please note: most models cannot drive over high thresholds or carpets (>1.5 cm), but Jannie4.0 has less difficulty with this, the same applies to Jannie4.0 2-in-1 with mopping function. Discover the benefits of a robot vacuum cleaner for your floor now!

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How big is your house?

When choosing a robot vacuum cleaner, it is important to take into account the surface that the robot has to vacuum. Do you want the vacuum cleaner robot to vacuum multiple rooms at once? Then choose a robot vacuum cleaner with a battery life of more than 90 minutes. Our robot vacuum cleaners have an operating time of approximately 120 minutes, depending on the mode set. Make the right choice for an efficient cleaning experience with a robot vacuum that perfectly suits your needs.


Do you have pets?

Dog or cat hair lying around is often a challenge for robot vacuum cleaners because of their small nozzle. Therefore, choose a robot vacuum cleaner with rotating central brushes to ensure that it also sucks up pet hair. Robot vacuum cleaner Bep is ideal for households with pets. With its powerful motor, Bep effortlessly sucks up pet hair and collects it in the dust container. In addition, the lack of a main brush prevents tangles. Enjoy a hair-free home with the effective performance of a robot vacuum cleaner Bep. Discover the perfect solution for cleaning up pet hair now!

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Do you want a smart vacuum cleaning robot?

Jannie are equipped with a user-friendly app that makes it easy to set up and track the robot. In addition, they can be linked to Alexa and Google Assistant. With the app you can set working hours, use Live Track (Anna only), receive status updates and check error messages. You can even control the robot through the app and check the battery status. Optimize your cleaning experience with Jannie and Anna's handy app functionality. Take advantage of these smart features for an effortless cleaning routine now! For more information view the article advice on robot vacuum cleaners.

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Does your vacuum cleaning robot have to have a navigation method?

The navigation method is very important when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner. Basic models don't have a specific navigation method and drive randomly around your house. More advanced models use systematic, random or GPS navigation. The more advanced the robot, the more systematic the navigation and the less likely the robot vacuum cleaner will miss something. Choose the right navigation method for an efficient and thorough cleaning of your home. Discover the perfect robot vacuum cleaner that meets your needs now. Improve your cleaning routine with advanced navigation functionality! Or look at different types of robot vacuum cleaners, to find out which vacuum cleaning robot is right for you.


What should you pay attention to if you suffer from allergies?

If you suffer from a dust allergy, a robot vacuum cleaner with a special exhaust filter is essential. A HEPA filter is best suited for allergy sufferers, as it retains fine dust particles, pollen and allergens, preventing them from re-entering the room through the exhaust air. Choose for the right robot vacuum cleaner with a high-quality exhaust filter to improve indoor air quality and reduce allergic reactions. Create a healthier living environment and enjoy a dust-free and allergy-free home with a suitable robot vacuum cleaner. Would you like to know more about how does a robot vacuum cleaner work?, for more useful and applicable information.