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Different types of robot vacuum cleaners

Robot Vacuum Cleaners with Emptying Station

Robot vacuum cleaner

At Zoef Robot, our robot vacuum cleaners have a built-in dustbin where dirt is collected. These bins are often small due to the compact size of the mop robot. It is important to regularly empty the dustbin to ensure the vacuum robot functions optimally. At our place, one of our robot vacuum cleaners called Willem and Arie take care of this task for you. Willem and Arie are equipped with an emptying station. When the dustbin is full, the robot vacuum cleaner automatically returns to the charging station and empties the collected dirt. You no longer need to worry about it. The emptying station can store dirt for up to 60 days.


Vacuum Robots with Mopping Function

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Vacuum robots remove a lot of dust from the floor, but fine dust can remain and cause sneezing. That's why a robot vacuum cleaner with a mopping function is a good choice. At Zoef Robot, we have various options available (Willem, Bep, Jannie & Arie). You can purchase the mopping function directly or order it separately and attach it to the suction robot with Bep. Some models use a dry microfiber cloth to capture fine dust, while others have a water reservoir for a wet mopping function. Please note that the robot does not move back and forth to remove stubborn stains. However, a robot vacuum cleaner significantly reduces the need for manual vacuuming and/or mopping. Vacuum robot Arie can do both at the same time!


Robot Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair

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As a pet owner, you know that flying pet hair is an everyday challenge. Fortunately, at Zoef Robot, we have developed Bep specifically for this purpose, the ideal robot vacuum cleaner for dealing with pet hair. Bep is equipped with an extra powerful motor that effortlessly sucks up hair. Unlike our other models, Bep does not have a main brush at the bottom where hair can get tangled. This allows Bep to continue cleaning the floor without interruptions, even in the presence of pet hair. Bep performs best on hard floors such as laminate, wood, tiles, and PVC floors. On higher carpets or rugs, removing hair may be more challenging.


UV-C Light During Vacuuming and/or Mopping!

Our new robot vacuum cleaner Arie has it all. It has UV-C light on its underside, which kills invisible bacteria while vacuuming/mopping. This robot vacuum cleaner ensures an extra clean and refreshing home. It can also vacuum and mop simultaneously, so you don't need to set it separately for vacuuming or mopping; it can do both at the same time, ensuring an extra-fast clean home.


Willem and Arie

There are many questions about the differences between robot vacuum cleaners Willem and Arie. They look quite similar, as both are robot vacuum cleaners that can mop and vacuum, and both have a suction unit. Arie is our latest model, and it can also be ordered with a suction unit: Arie with a suction unit. This model has a few extra good features and characteristics that distinguish it from most other robot vacuum cleaners. For example, Arie has UV-C light, which kills invisible bacteria while vacuuming/mopping.

We have had Willem for a little longer than Arie, and this is our advanced robot vacuum cleaner/mop robot with a suction unit. Like Arie, it features Lidar navigation. This is a new development in robots, which gives the robot smart and intelligent navigation. You can also create a map of the rooms where both robots need to work. Both robots have different modes. You can adjust the suction power from ultra-quiet to maximum. Willem has slightly stronger suction power and can suck in more and faster. Willem also has a larger dustbin capacity, so more can be collected before you need to empty the dustbin.


Another robot we've had for a little longer is our robot vacuum cleaner Bep. This robot vacuum cleaner is popular with many people who have had the opportunity to use it. Bep is known for households with pets because Bep has a large suction mouth and no main brushes, which means it can't get tangled with pet hair, and its strong suction mouth can suck in all the hair. Bep also has an optional mopping system and can mop as well.


Different types of robot vacuum cleaners