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How do I choose a robot lawn mower?

Choosing a robotic lawnmower

When choosing a robotic lawnmower for your lawn, some considerations are important: the size of your lawn, the ability to control the robot lawn mower with an app, any obstacles on your lawn, and any slopes. Choose a model that is suitable for the size of your lawn, consider the dexterity of an app control, pay attention to the navigation skills in obstacles, and ensure sufficient strength and stability on slopes. More advice on robotic mowers? By considering these factors, you'll find the perfect robot lawn mower for your lawn. Check out the category page for one of our best robotic lawn mowers.

How big is your lawn?

When choosing the best robotic lawnmower for your lawn, your lawn size is one of the first things to look out for. Measure the grass area of your garden to choose the right robot lawn mower. The capacity of a robot lawn mower is determined by the battery, software and cutting width. Measure lawn size for an efficient and effective mowing experience. Do you want to know how a robot lawn mower works? Then take a look at how does a robotic lawnmower work?


Grass area

When choosing a robot lawn mower, the size of the lawn is important, also think of possible obstacles, think of obstacles such as; flower beds, toys or other obstacles. Dirk and Betsie are reliable options for keeping your lawn tidy. Both have a handy app and control panel. The difference lies in the maximum area they can mow: Dirk is suitable for lawns up to 600m2, while Betsie can mow 1400m2.


Smaller and medium lawns up to 600m2

For owners of gardens with an area of less than 600m2, robotic lawn mowers offer convenient solutions. These more compact models are more affordable, easier to install and program. They save time and effort by mowing autonomously. Although they are more limited in mowing range, they still offer the convenience of automatic mowing. Comparing specifications and features of different models helps to choose the right robotic lawnmower that fits the size of the garden and the needs of the owner.


Large lawns larger than 600 square meters

Robot lawn mowers suitable for lawns larger than 600m2 offer advantages for owners of large gardens. These models have powerful motors, larger cutting widths and can efficiently tackle large surface areas. Although they are more expensive and require more installation and programming work, they provide excellent performance for intensive mowing. It's important to compare different models and consider your lawn, size, and budget when choosing the right robotic lawn mower.


Do you want to control the automatic mower with an app?

A robotic lawnmower with an accompanying app offers countless advantages. You can control and manage the mowing robot from your phone, set the times and adjust the schedule. But how can you install a robotic lawnmower? You can also remotely access important information, such as battery status and mowing cycle progress. This makes the maintenance of your lawn easier and more efficient. Therefore, when purchasing a new robotic lawn mower, consider a model with an app and enjoy a beautiful and maintained lawn with minimal effort.


Does your lawn have obstacles and/or slopes?

When choosing a robotic lawn mower, you should consider obstacles in your garden, such as stones, trees and ponds. Some robotic lawn mowers are better suited for handling obstacles than others, so it's important to know what obstacles are in your yard before purchasing a robotic lawn mower. In addition, it is important to choose a model that is suitable for the slopes in your garden. Most robotic mowers can easily handle height differences in your lawn of up to about 25 percent. By choosing a robotic lawnmower with good navigation and sensors or GPS navigation, you can easily maintain your lawn and avoid obstacles.