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Advice Robot vacuum cleaners

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When choosing a robot vacuum cleaner it is important to consider what your expectations are. The more you expect, the more luxurious the model that is needed to meet these needs. In addition, vacuum cleaning tasks will always remain that the robot cannot perform, such as stairs, benches and chairs. 

In addition, it is important to consider whether the robot needs to suck up many animals' hair, whether it should be programmable, how it navigates through the room and whether it should work with an APP.




Why robot vacuum cleaner from Zoef Robot?


Zoef Robot robot vacuum cleaners are best thought out in the market. They are all equipped with anti-fall sensors so that they do not fall off the stairs or a raised floor. They are also equipped with HEPA filters as standard to filter out the fine dust from the room. This keeps the air clean, so you suffer less from allergies.

In addition, the models are easy to use and maintain. This way, every robot can be switched on with 1 push of a button and the dust trays can be cleaned properly. Our models can be distinguished from each other in functionality and luxury. We are happy to help you make the right choice. All robot vacuum cleaners are of course of good quality. In the unlikely event that there is something wrong with it or you have a question, we are always there for you.

So enjoy your free time with the Robot vacuum cleaners from Zoef Robot.


Differences Robot vacuum cleaners Zoef


Miep is a basic model that is good as a supplement to vacuuming. It is very low, which means that it can easily pass under everything. It is easy to operate by turning it on manually.

Emma is a lot more luxurious and has a remote control with which she can be programmed daily. Due to its powerful suction, it is a good choice for animal hair.

Sien has the same functionalities as Emma but also has a mop system and a virtual wall with which you can define a place in the room so the robot cannot get there.

Jannie can be operated with an APP, which can also be linked with Alexa and Google assistant. She is also slightly flatter than Emma and Sien. It has a beautiful design top plate made of tempered glass. Jannie is the only one who has a main brush, which ensures that she gets dirt better from carpet and floor covering.

Sjaan is the top model, she can also be operated with an APP, and also has a Gyroscope so she knows exactly where she has been. This ensures that Sjaan never has a long job, she knows when she has had every place in the room and then returns to her charging station. You can also see this on the App, this is called Live Track.

Compare all specifications? Select the models and compare them with each other.   



Type of floors

If you have a hard floor, all robot vacuum cleaners work great. If you have a coarse tile floor, we recommend Jannie or Sjaan. These have the side brushes slightly higher so that they are less likely to wear due to the coarse floor.

If you have a low-pile rug or carpet, Jannie's main brush works best. If you also have a lot of animal hair, then you will have a lot less maintenance with a different model because the hair can stick around this main brush. 

If you have a high threshold or carpet (> 1.5 cm), keep in mind that most models do not come up with this. Jannie has the least difficulty with this.

Robot vacuum cleaner and Pets


The Zoef Robot models are specially developed against hair. A robot vacuum cleaner is therefore very useful with animal hair. Really a good idea! Many robot vacuum cleaners have a rotating center brush. The disadvantage of this is that the hairs are tangled around it. The models of Zoef Robot have a powerful suction motor that suck the hair directly into the dust bin.

Only Jannie has a main brush. This is again very useful for low pile carpets. For Jannie, a special rubber brush is available as an option that makes the hairs less tangled.



Robot vacuum cleaner and Allergies

robot-vacuumcleaners-allergies Robotic vacuum cleaners are ideal for people with allergies.
At Zoef Robot, all models are equipped with a HEPA filter which ensures that the blown out air is additionally filtered, which keeps the irritant, viruses and bacteria out of the air.

Because they automatically get started and effortlessly vacuum every day or even more often (at the Sjaan and Jannie) per day, the house is much cleaner than usual.

Sien, Jannie and Sjaan also have a mop system through which even the smallest dust particles are absorbed. Jannie has the largest water reservoir and the best mop system. Jannie mop or vacuum clean separately. Sien and Sjaan vacuum and mop at the same time and have a small water reservoir.

Very much bothered by house mites or other allergies? Then take a look at our UV Vacuum Cleaner Nelly!

Benefits Robot vacuum cleaner


Vacuuming takes place when you are not at home. This is perhaps the biggest advantage of the robot vacuum cleaner.

Although you have to prepare the house so that the robot vacuum cleaner encounters as few obstacles as possible, there is no need to stay constant with this. So you can do your shopping with ease or have the robot vacuumed when you are at work. It is even nicer if you choose a robot vacuum cleaner with programming function.

A robot vacuum cleaner easily passes under the furniture. This means that dust nests under sofas, chairs and beds are a thing of the past! So check in advance how high the furniture is that the robot vacuum cleaner has to go through.

Much less vacuuming! 

The robot vacuum cleaner does not go up the stairs or furniture, so you still have to do this with a steel vacuum cleaner, for example. You mainly use the basic models as an addition so that you can skip vacuuming once. Even the most extensive models do not vacuum the lampshades and baseboards, so you must continue to do this yourself. But in general you take the regular vacuum cleaner out of the closet a lot less often when you have a robot vacuum cleaner driving around.

Expectations Robot vacuum cleaner


A robot vacuum cleaner can save you a lot of time and energy.
If you occasionally use the robot vacuum cleaner as a supplement to the regular vacuum cleaner, then a basic model will probably suffice. But if you want to use the robot daily or control it via your telephone, for example, you need a more advanced model. A € 100 robot has fewer qualities than a € 400 model. Know that a robot vacuum cleaner is primarily a supplement, and therefore does not take over all the cleaning work. You will (unfortunately) still have to vacuum the stairs and skirting boards yourself.



Robot vacuum cleaner with Mop function 


A mop system is a nice addition to the robot vacuum cleaner. Sien, Jannie and Sjaan have a mop system.

Emma only has a dry cloth that he can use to absorb dust.
The mop system does not scrub, but sweeps the floor with the weight of the robot and keeps the mop wet through a water reservoir.
Sien has the simplest system. Jannie has the largest water reservoir and the best mop system. Jannie is mopping or vacuuming (not at the same time). Sien and Sjaan vacuum and mop at the same time.




Maintenance of a robot vacuum cleaner is very important. Of course you must regularly empty the dust bin. If you have pets, then after every suction turn. Because the robots are full of sensors, cleaning the robot is essential. Wipe the sensors occasionally with a damp cloth.
The dust bin must be emptied and cleaned regularly. The filters must be cleaned regularly and after 3 to 4 months you must replace the HEPA filters. This ensures that suction remains good and the robot is not unnecessarily loaded. The brushes must be cleaned if necessary. This is possible with warm water. Depending on the substrate, you will also have to replace it regularly. Good maintenance ensures that the robot lasts longer and performs better.


Navigation Robot vacuum cleaner navigation-robot-vacuum-cleaner

Most models come standard with a combination of different programs that they automatically complete one after the other. They will go along the baseboards but also across the room. Due to the length of suction and the combination of programs, the entire room will be cleaned. Of course the robot can only get to places that can be reached. It will therefore also continue between chair legs if this fits. In addition, it is also wise to look at the first time how the robot works and where some cables or passages may need to be adjusted for an effective suction.

In addition to these different programs, Sjaan has a gyroscope. This way she makes a floor plan of the room and she goes through it in a structured way. How Sjaan went through the room can be seen on the Live Track of the new APP.


Smart Robot vacuum cleaners


Jannie and Sjaan both have an APP with which the robot can be set and monitored.
Jannie can also be linked to Alex and Google Assistant.
The APPs are easy to use and very useful for setting the working hours, which can be set differently per day.

Sjaan also has a Live track, so you can see on a map how it did its work.

There are many more functions, for example, you can see the status. Error messages (with Sjaan). Furthermore, the robot can be controlled and the battery status is visible.