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Robotic vacuum cleaners in offices

Quiet cleaning & 24/7 available 

A noisy vacuum cleaner during working hours. Who isn't annoyed by that? For many companies there is no other option. With the quiet B2B robot vacuum cleaner 'Willem' from ZOEF Robot you can make your workplace more comfortable than ever before. Our robot vacuum cleaners can be widely used in offices from a surface area of 200 m². The robots are more efficient and quieter than regular robot vacuum cleaners and thus lift themselves to a new level. The robots also go to work on weekends and outside opening hours without having to look after them. Multiple robots can be deployed and your entire company is mapped out thanks to the laser technology. With this, virtual walls and no-go zones can be set as desired. Of course we take care of the complete installation and implementation.

B2B All-in subscription: Cleaning of the future!

With our 3-year unburdening agreement for the B2B market, we take all vacuuming and (light) mopping work off your company's hands. We take care of the complete implementation, including the delivery and installation of the robots, the app installation including delineation of zones, after-sales with one permanent contact person, regular maintenance and an extended warranty for the duration of the contract. In short: We arrange everything from A to Z.

After installation, the B2B robots work completely autonomously and empty themselves daily. As a result, the system only requires attention once a week, during which time the extraction unit has to be emptied. In addition, our business robot is designed to be as sustainable as possible, with maintenance being minimized. In the business APP, the status of the wear parts is kept per robot so that they can be replaced in time.

Average savings of 75% on your cleaning

Save time and money? Many companies have preceded you. On average, our customers save 75% on their cleaning costs with our total solution. At these companies, vacuuming accounted for an average of 70% of the cleaning work. There is no limit to the frequency, so you can use the robot as often as you wish at no extra cost!

How much can you save?

We notice that the cleaning costs are not always transparent within companies or that the idea prevails that cleaning costs almost 'nothing'. However, it appears that the average cleaning costs for our customers are higher than estimated in advance. Our customer base shows that an (internal) employee who vacuums for 1.5 hours three times a week quickly costs €445 per month on average. An (internal) employee/cleaner quickly costs €20 per hour, excluding employer costs such as pension, absenteeism, holiday allowance, etc. This quickly makes our robot vacuum cleaner total solution cheaper. In addition, our 'Willem' is never ill and he always goes to work on time when it suits you. Also on weekends and at night. Through our all-in lease contract you no longer have to worry about your robot, and you immediately save on your costs!

Let us calculate how much you can save on your monthly cleaning costs by submitting the callback request below. We are also happy to provide you with additional information and we are open to a (virtual) cup of coffee.